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Gold Crescent Button

In 1960, the Pope discovers the gold, crescent-shaped button worn by Garcia Ramirez, King of Navarre, and his subsequent heirs, has disappeared from the Vatican Archives. Fifty-six years later, it resurfaces at the British Museum, setting in motion a chain of events that could change the history of the world forever.


As the British Museum’s Keepers investigate the talisman’s mysterious reappearance, the Spanish tomb of Rodrigo Diaz, known as El Cid, is broken into, yet the only thing stolen is his tunic. But why? When the button is subsequently stolen, it’s clear there’s some connection between the two historically important artifacts. However, no one knows what it is. Or if they do, they’re not talking.


The two robberies bring together the minds of historians, authorities, and high-powered officials in multiple countries to unravel the mystery of the gold crescent button. But danger lurks around every corner. Because someone with powerful connections will do anything to ensure the secrets of the button stay hidden, including lie, cheat, steal…and murder.

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Mayerling Syndrome

A Novella 

Gifted pianist Anna Holland is at the peak of her career. But one night, after a flawless performance in front of a mesmerized crowd, she begins inexplicably speaking German, doesn’t recognize her best friend from childhood, and—in a daze—makes a last-minute flight change to Seattle instead of her home in New York.  The following morning, she wakes up in jail with no recollection of who she is or how she got there.


Drawn to the beautiful pianist, renowned psychiatrist Anthony Conrad takes her under his care to help her uncover the memories behind her sudden amnesia. However, things take an unusual turn when Anna assumes the identity of a woman killed under cryptic circumstances on January 30, 1889. 


It soon becomes apparent there’s more to Anna’s connection with the century-old unsolved case than a mere dissociative episode. But if they can’t uncover Anna’s memories and solve the mystery of the past, Anna may not have a future.

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War Wounds & Secrets:

Ruth Iversen's Journal

The Norwegian inscription above the trunk lock read Iversens’ skatten er gjemt i dybden ─ Iversens’ treasure is hidden deep within.  After the loss of her mother, Siv Jorgensen has decided to inspect the wooden trunk that her mother has cherished for many years.  Underneath all the hand knit sweaters is a false bottom.  And suddenly Siv is holding in her hands an account of her family history that she knew nothing about. . .

In “Ruth’s Journal,” Siv Jorgensen recreates Ruth Iversen’s account of daily life in Norway under German occupation, her work with Milorg, the Norwegian resistance, and her adoption of her granddaughter, Lucia.  And then the miracles begin.

Don’t miss this story of personal courage, undying love, and redemptive faith.  The Story of these two brave women will touch your heart and inspire your faith.

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Mistaken Identity

An Eldertale Spiritual Journey in the Second Half of Life

This book was designed to aid families with a loved one diagnosed with cognitive impairment in the second half of their life.  Family members, who find it difficult to be with this loved one, may find Mistaken Identity a starting point to regular communications with the loved one by reading selections from  Mistaken Identity when visiting with him/her.

In working with cognitive impaired individuals, establishing a familiar routine, like reading a chapter of Mistaken Identity each visit will be useful - stopping to respond to the loved one’s feelings, being careful not to correct him/her regarding his/her comments, and remaining flexible with him/her.

Insomuch as dementias so often occur in the second half of life, this book is a didactic Eldertale designed to both entertain and to prepare its reader for the changing role and life skills needed in the second half of life.  For the loved one, this journey will likely be an accelerated one.

Our true identity is often found in the second half of life, when repressed memories from our youth re-emerge marking the beginning of a spiritual journey into an enchanted forest of our very own.  An enchanted forest of silence, solitude, stillness, and simplicity.


We entreat the Eldertale spiritual traveler to become actively involved in this experience, reflect on it, actively seek to use the skills expressed to conceptualize the experience; and use their problem solving skills in order to use the new ideas gained from this experience to overcome obstacles in their second half of life journey.

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Working Titles: Manhattan West or Futropolis

Movie Manuscript

Seeking to solve the complexity of urban development and the future of cities, this is a story which can only be told upon the big screen. This project is under development as a major motion picture by D’Artagnan Entertainment, Inc., a Hollywood-based production company with such movie credits as the award-winning Hacksaw Ridge, directed by Mel Gibson.

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