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Thomas E. Carter

Author and Storyteller

New Release

Gold Crescent Button

In 1960, the Pope discovers the gold, crescent-shaped button worn by Garcia Ramirez, King of Navarre, and his subsequent heirs, has disappeared from the Vatican Archives. Fifty-six years later, it resurfaces at the British Museum, setting in motion a chain of events that could change the history of the world forever.


As the British Museum’s Keepers investigate the talisman’s mysterious reappearance, the Spanish tomb of Rodrigo Diaz, known as El Cid, is broken into, yet the only thing stolen is his tunic. But why? When the button is subsequently stolen, it’s clear there’s some connection between the two historically important artifacts. However, no one knows what it is. Or if they do, they’re not talking.


The two robberies bring together the minds of historians, authorities, and high-powered officials in multiple countries to unravel the mystery of the gold crescent button. But danger lurks around every corner. Because someone with powerful connections will do anything to ensure the secrets of the button stay hidden, including lie, cheat, steal…and murder.

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A fantastic journey during a challenging time. I was spellbound throughout the book and highly recommend it to everyone.

- Kenda

(Verified Amazon purchase of War Wounds and Secrets)

Praise & Reviews

I couldn't put it down. I read it as fast as I could turn the pages… It is an inspiring and creative story, and it is also complicated and deep. It would be a great movie.

- Peggy

(Verified Amazon purchase of Mistaken Identity)

Mayerling Syndrome is 'a clever, well-written, and intriguing story! I thoroughly enjoyed it.'

- Deborah Dove

(Professional editor and proofreader)

Wow! Another thought-provoking and fascinating read. I thoroughly enjoyed Gold Crescent Button. It was so seamless that I find myself wondering if it was fact or fiction.

- Deborah Dove

(Professional editor and proofreader  )

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Picture 051 (2).jpg

About Thomas E. Carter

From the age of 13, Thomas E. Carter believed his ultimate calling in life was to become a writer. As far back as he could remember, he viewed the world from two points of view: an observer and as a figure of action. To write well one must have something to say, which is premised on one’s experiences, observations of humanity, and solutions to the problems of life.

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